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Friday Letters – 1

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Dear you,

When I look at you and take away what you do out of the picture, I see that you are no different from the rest of us. The herd if you wish to call us that, who tread the safe path- the path of everyday routine. The path to a secure tomorrow, the path to financial success, the path to the posthumous glory, the path of the masses…..the path many of us normally take for reasons only known to us.

You are someone who refused to settle down to believe that the world is a good enough place, but chose to challenge the norm, to make it a better place for everyone and not just for the privileged few. You chose not to chase the glory that follows the doing, but the joy that comes with the doing itself. You are the star that people like us look up to on those gloomy days when our path is dark and hope is out of sight.

Your journey is the shining light
that shall guide us home
A home where all are equal, and none below
A home where we believe
the privilege I enjoy, is yours too
A home which is a world
yours as much as its mine
A home where you’re no longer a star
for, you made each of us believe
That in doing the only thing
we truly believe
That we too shall shine like a star!

Here are a series of letters, I shall write to the ‘star’ in you, to seek the light, the knowledge that comes only when I take that journey, which was yours.

Yours truly

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