Aditi Ashok – The Bright New Star Of The Indian Golf Scene

Aditi Ashok Golf

Who: Aditi Ashok

Education: Graduated from Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore

Golf is definitely not as popular a sport in India as cricket or even badminton. But when Aditi Ashok made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics, the whole nation was excited to see her play. Though Aditi didn’t win a medal, it was clear that she was a sports person to watch out for.

Aditi grew up in Bangalore and began her love affair with golf when she was just six years old. For years this young athlete treated the Bangalore Golf Club and the Karnataka Golf Association as her second homes.

Aditi fell in love with the sport partly because her father is so passionate about it. Ashok Gudlamani is not only Aditi’s biggest supporter, he joins her on the course whenever he can as her caddy. Though he’s not a professional golfer, Aditi relies on his advice and encouragement.

As an amateur golfer, Aditi has won many titles such as the Ladies European Tour’s Lalla Aicha Tour School 2016, the Ladies British Amateur Open Stroke Play Championship, the 81st Singha Thailand Amateur Golf Championship and the St Rule Trophy 2015. In fact, Aditi was the only Indian golfer to take part in the Asian Games in 2014.

Aditi began golfing professionally in 2016, the year that she first competed in the Olympics. Though she didn’t come home with the prize, we have a feeling that for this young golfer the game is far from over!

Long Story Short

  • Aditi Ashok grew up in Bangalore and started playing golf when she was six years old.
  • She trained at the Bangalore Golf Club and the Karnataka Golf Association.
  • Her father, Ashok, is her caddy and biggest supporter.
  • Aditi has won many titles as an amateur golfer
  • She started golfing professionally in 2016, the year she competed in the Olympics.
  • She didn’t win a medal but has been recognised for her golfing skills.
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