Ajit Babu – How To Become A Serial Entrepreneur

Ajit Babu - P2P

Who: Ajit Babu

What do you do when you are diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dyslexia? If you’re Ajit Babu, you start on the rocky road to startup life.

Though Ajit didn’t enjoy studying, he loved the cultural aspects of school and did very well socially. Ajit enjoyed theatre and debating. He says that he never thought of himself as different from his classmates. He says, “It’s only when the world thinks you are different, you are.”

Ajit, who describes himself as a mischievous student, didn’t enjoy college and soon dropped out. Afterwards, he struggled to find a job he liked. He worked in call centres and other BPO jobs for awhile. However, he didn’t like the idea of getting a job under the handicapped quota and rejected these offers straight away. Finally, Ajit ended up starting his own company. From then on, he has been unstoppable.

Ajit has been a co-founder or founder of several companies, resulting in the joking nickname ‘the serial entrepreneur’. He has been the driving force behind a few successful businesses such as Li’l Shapes, Dream Click Concepts and Lifehack Innovation. Ajit is currently the CEO of Lifehack Innovation and he loves his job. The company is known for taking everyday products and using renewable energy to make them better.

He is also a firm believer in inclusivity and diversity. Ajit says, “The rewards, the recognition, and the attention I get is all because of my cerebral palsy. I get to have the power to change the world a bit and influence how the world works. I get to make an impact!”

Today, Ajit is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, a creative artist, and a role model. This change-maker is determined to live rather than just exist – and what a life it will be!

Long Story Short

  • Ajit Babu was diagnosed with dyslexia and cerebral palsy as a child.
  • However, he says that he never felt like he was different growing up.
  • He hated studying but enjoyed all the social aspects of the school.
  • He dropped out of college and tried various jobs until he decided to start his own business.
  • Ajit is attracted to start-ups because he thinks they are the ultimate change-makers.
  • Ajit is a serial entrepreneur and has been the founder or co-founder of a few companies.
  • He is currently the CEO of Lifehack Innovation.
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