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Who: Ankush Sharma

Education: BE in Software Engineering from Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Delhi; MBA from Institute of Finance and International Management, Bangalore.

Ankush Sharma has always wanted to know how things work. So, it’s no surprise that he studied Engineering and now works in the technology field. The little boy who wanted to know more now creates technology that will inspire many others just like him.

Ankush and his team at Yeppar (an AR app) are exploring the field of Augmented Reality (AR). What is that? Well, Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you to put a computer created image over something in the real world, giving you a chance to experience them side-by-side.

Though Augmented Reality sounds complicated, it’s quickly becoming very popular. It’s being used in everything from teaching modules to make up videos. Ankush and his co-founder, Rahul Mangal, invented Yeppar to make traditional print media more interesting for readers. It allows you to place a video or photo on top of the image that is printed on paper. It makes the reading material more interactive and interesting.

Initially, when they started out, there was very little excitement about Augmented Reality. The team was disappointed and worried that they may fail. But, despite these challenges, Yeppar has blossomed into a huge success.

Today, Yeppar is also becoming popular with foodies! Many restaurants are using Yeppar to give users a better idea of what they are offering. With the growing interest in AR, Yeppar is becoming more successful by the day. We can’t wait to see what Ankush and his team come up with next!

Long Story Short

  • Ankush Sharma is an engineer who has fallen in love with Augmented Reality.
  • Augmented Reality is the technology required to put a digital image over something in the real world so that you can experience it three dimensionally.
  • Though there was very little interest at first, AR has now become very popular
  • Ankush and Rahul invented Yeppar to make print media more interesting
  • Now, they have expanded to the food industry
  • Restaurants have opted to use Yeppar to make their menus look three dimensional, and to make the food look irresistible.
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