Dr. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane – From Selling Vegetables To Saving Lives

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Who: Dr Vijayalakshmi Deshmane

Education: MBBS at Karnataka Medical College, Hubli; MS Surgery at Kidwai Institute of Oncology

Dr Vijayalakshmi Deshmane is one of India’s best-known Oncologists (Doctor who specializes in treating cancer patients). Today, she treats many patients who have cancer for free. Many of India’s finest doctors look up to her as an inspiration and a role model. Aren’t we lucky to have someone like her to help sick people get better?

Dr Vijayalakshmi became a doctor because her parents had big dreams for her and wanted her to become great. This is important because she grew up in a very poor family in Gulbarga, Karnataka. Her father used to work as a coolie and her mother sold vegetables. When she was young, she used to help her mother.

One of eight children, Dr Vijayalakshmi understood the importance of education and studied very hard to succeed. In fact, she never thought she would pass even 12th standard! But her father and mother believed in her and wanted her to do well.

Her father got a job at a mill and worked hard to be able to afford to educate his children. He wanted Vijayalakshmi to become a doctor and help poor people like them. When Vijayalakshmi finished school, her mother sold her mangalsutra to pay her college fees. Thanks to this, she was able to start her MBBS at Karnataka Medical College in Hubli.

Though she was used to studying, she had one big problem – the degree was in English and she had studied only in Kannada. Because of this, she failed her first-year exams. But she was determined to do well and by her second year, she was topping her batch.

After that, she joined the Kidwai Institute of Oncology as a surgical resident. She became the Director and Head of the Cancer Department. She is also the Vice President of the Karnataka Cancer Society.

Dr Vijayalakshmi shows us that with hard work, dedication and faith in yourself – you can achieve anything – no matter where you come from!

Long Tale Short

  • Dr Vijayalakshmi Deshmane is one of India’s best-known Oncologists.
  • She grew up in a very poor family
  • Her father and mother wanted her to succeed and help others like them
  • They sold her mother’s mangalsutra to pay her MBBS fees
  • She studied in a Kannada medium school and had trouble passing her exams in college
  • She studied hard and became the class topper
  • She became the Director and Head of the Cancer Department at Kidwai Institute of Oncology.
  • She is also the Vice President of the Karnataka Cancer Society.
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