Kiran Shenoy – The Media Genius Who Wants To Make A Difference

RJ Kiran Shenoy - p2p - kid-friendly content
RJ Kiran Shenoy

Who: Kiran Shenoy

Education: BA Corporate Communications from SDM College, Mangalore.

Have you ever thought about becoming a radio jockey (RJ)? If you’re passionate about connecting with people, then radio might be the right choice for you. Kiran Shenoy is an RJ from Mangalore who loves all kinds of media! He works for Radio Mirchi and his converted his love of digital and broadcast media into a full-time profession.

Kiran is a media wizard who loves to explore the field. He’s a great photographer, a documentary filmmaker, social media person and a radio personality. We find ourselves asking – what can’t he do?!

Kiran used to work for Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. While working there, he discovered his love for digital media and has never looked back! Today, he owns his own company and hosts his own radio show.

Kiran’s degree in Corporate Communications taught him how to talk to people and touch their hearts. That’s why he’s such a well-loved media personality! Everyone in Mangalore knows that if they are trying to promote something, they should ask for Kiran’s help. Everybody wants to listen to him!

Though he’s very popular amongst his listeners, Kiran is a humble man and is always trying to help people. He regularly organises events for sick and underprivileged kids. Thank you for caring so much about your community, Kiran!

Long Story Short

  • Kiran is a media person who specialises in Radio
  • He also loves photography, making documentaries, and social media.
  • He loves to talk and connect with people, which makes him a great RJ.
  • He hosts his own show on Radio Mirchi in Mangalore.
  • He uses his fame to promote events for sick and underprivileged kids.
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