Monday Truclusions – The Need To Revoke Our Lost Patriotism In Creative Ways

Monday Truclusions - Ashwin Karthik Caricature
“Whatever I am today and whatever I shall become in future shall be because of one woman and that is my mother.”

These words were of a legend, a man to whom the world looks up to as one of the greatest leaders. It was none other than Abraham Lincoln.

I added two words to this statement and then something very powerful happened. It became my dream, my desire and my passion; I wish my new statement becomes every Indian’s dream.  The statement I dream of is,

“Whatever I am today and whatever I shall become in future shall be because of two women- and that is my mother and my motherland.”

With this I wish all of you a very happy 70th independence week and dedicate this week’s Monday Truclusions to those selfless and brave men and women protecting the nation at the borders. I recently heard a TedX talk from Capt. Raghuraman – a former Indian army man. The speech was so insightful regarding the principles on which the celebrated Indian defence forces operate on, which I’d like to share with you all.

Embracing The ‘Our’ Mindset

Raghuraman began on a lighter note of the huge culture shock he went through when he first joined the army. But it also taught him one very important lesson in his life. Coming from a traditional Tamil family, he was not used to sharing the same plate/glass to eat and drink. In the army it so happens that all the men are given a mug, which is used by them for everything… and by everything I mean ‘everything’. As it usually happens, these mugs get mixed with one another, in spite of people etching their names on the mugs. So the men end up using someone else’s mug very often.

When he saw this issue from a telescopic view, he shared –

When a soldier gets wounded in the battle field and his family needs blood to save his life. Do they think or hesitate to get him the blood wondering who the blood belongs to and what religion he follows?

Country Comes First

We all agree that the defence forces are the most structured, responsible and honest organisation in the country. These brave men always work in chaotic situations, be it contact with the enemy at the borders or natural calamities and disasters like the floods in Uttarakhand, the earthquake in Gujarat, or internal security situations like the one on 26/11. The Indian army has even been called for help when kids have fallen into half dug sewer pipes and man holes.

We always introduce ourselves as Kannadiga, a Maratha, a Punjabi and what not. But any officer of the Indian defence is never like that, he is always an Indian first. They don’t think of what community they belong to and which community they are chosen to serve.

Most of us find our comfort zone with people of our own community, but the officers in the army are so transient in nature. An officer showcases an open mind set and strives to become one among the people of the respective region and regiments they get to serve.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Beyond everything the one quality that makes the army men very special is the purpose for which they do what they do. They are willing to die protecting millions of those who they don’t even know. The soldiers do it with no expectations of a pay hike or an ’employee-of-the-month’ award!

We, on the other hand, who work in corporates with hefty salaries, keep sulking to do what is expected of us if our hikes are not satisfactory or if we don’t enjoy it. The attrition rate in our companies is so high. Where as when the army men look at each other before launching an attack shouting their war cry; they know that many of them will not even see the sunrise the next day! Their jobs are far less enjoyable compared to what we do, their very life is on the line, and you will still not find an army man who sulks about it!

I am not saying we should all quit our jobs and go join the army; no a country cannot survive with only a great army. We all need to do our jobs, play our roles to the best of our abilities to get our country to its deserving place on the world map!

I agree we aren’t the best or number one nation in the world, but we definitely have the potential to get there. The least we can do is serve our motherland, be honest in whatever we do, do our jobs with the highest dedication, pay our taxes honestly, and be a sincere citizen of the country.

All we need to do is remind ourselves not to ask what the country has given us, rather ask what we have given the country?

Food for thought: When brave men and women can sacrifice their lives for us without a second thought. Can’t we just be good, honest citizens of this country? Think about it!

Here is a small dedication to our motherland –

We call you our mother
Singing your glory we stand together
Not stopping even when the land was painted red
We won freedom loosing many a head
To live for you we are born
Will never let slavery again dawn upon
United we have reached the mars
Still we are reminded of the old scars
Once to be known as the golden bird
Now it’s just a forgotten word
In your rise there are slumps
But be rest assured we will come up trumps
Being the reason for your rise
Takes our pride to boundless highs
Your tricolor is blended in our soul
Your victory is our goal.

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Ashwin Karthik is the first quadriplegic cerebral palsy student to bag an engineering degree in India. In spite of having his share of misfortune that affected all his limbs since birth, Ashwin is blessed with a positive attitude and an undying spirit in life. He is a very talented poet and loves tackling impossible challenges. Ashwin has 3 role models in life- his mother, Sachin Tendulkar, and Stephen Hawkings. Currently, he works in ANZ as a Business Analyst, strives to bring awareness for an inclusive society, and wants to achieve at least a fraction of what Sachin has done for the spirit of his countrymen!