Prateeksha Kashi: Dancing Away to Glory

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Following her legendary ancestor, Dr. Gubbi Veeranna’s footsteps, this young lady {read age 25!} went on to explore the corporate world after her graduation, only to come back to her one true love and passion- Dance. Presenting to you an interview of an actress of a recent award-winning movie, who is often seen on shows in TV channels, and regularly at prime time on a daily soap. Constantly counting accolades that are showered on her, eagerly giving back to her much loved art, and living/continuing the legacy that’s been influencing art since four generations, is the Kuchipudi dancer, “Nalanda Nritya Nipuna”, Prateeksha Kashi. {Do Read Prateeksha Kashi Biography}

Every Daughter wants to be like her Mother

I was introduced to Kuchipudi by my mother, Vyjayanthi Kashi, who also fortunately happens to be my Guru. Right from when I was a child, her graceful dance moves always brought a smile on my face, and this urged me to try and imitate her. Every daughter wants to be like her mother and I was no different. That is how I began my toddler steps in Kuchipudi. Once it started, there was no turning back. The vibrancy, grace, and the theatrical elements of this dance form has done magic and has captivated me for a life time.prateeksha kashi kuchipudi-Prateeksha Kashi- Prateeksha Kashi photo- Prateeksha Kashi image

Being an ace choreographer herself, my Guru never forced me to take up dance; she treats me equal to any other students when we are at the Shambhavi School of Dance {Dance School founded by Vyjayanthi Kashi}. This is the best thing I like about her. When it comes to dance, I am always a student!

Dance can Change Lives

I personally continue to benefit a lot due to my association with Kuchipudi and believe that it holds true for every dancer. This being a dance form which is uniquely identified for its theatrical dominance, a wide range of characters is a part of it. One moment you play the role of a beautiful young girl and the very next moment you become a fierce warrior! For a dancer it means that he/she will gradually learn to rapidly switch between different emotions to portray different roles. The vibrancy of the form helps one to grasp things faster leading to increased concentration. The grace involved helps one to remain calm and composed. It is one of the best ways to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. In a time where anxiety and depression are on the increase, dancing certainly helps to combat it.

My various performances have brought different dimensions on my perception of dance. For instance, during my recent visit to UK, I got an opportunity to interact with many luminaries in the field of dance under the same roof, which is very rare. During the course of that week it was very interesting to witness how differently each Guru perceived dance based on their life experiences. Those made me understand better about what makes the dance of every artist so unique.

Quitting Lucrative Software Career to Pursue Dance

Making up my mind to bid adieu to the software career was definitely a task! Quite many discussions, hours of thinking, evaluating the path that I wanted to thread next, and a pinch of courage is all what went in before I could break the news of my resignation to my manager. I enjoyed working and the best part was that I could manage my dance tours simultaneously (thanks to SAP Labs for offering such flexibility). But it is only up to one point that you can do justice to multiple professions, and it is highly important to identify that right time to choose just one. After working for a year, I felt that it was the right time to move on and I followed my intuition.

World through a Different Lens

I thoroughly enjoy acting; I did “Kadambari Kanaja” as the lead and acted in an award-winning movie, Prakruti. I also did Dwar with and other short movies. Dancing and acting go hand in hand, and to face the camera has been a learning experience! What is most intriguing about acting is that you get to live the life of another person on screen. In the process of doing justice to the character, you end up seeing the world through a different lens and that is simply brilliant.


In a way the tech side of me is still very relevant and comes a long way in my career as a dancer. I feel it is very important to be tech savvy and leverage the potential that technology offers; may it be to reach out wider, learn, or even implement ideas to enhance the quality of performance in terms of music, lighting, media and more. Tech revolution in India has always favoured art!

The foundation that my parents Vyjayanthi Kashi and Vijaya Kashi have laid is the reason behind me treading the path of dancing and acting. The inspiration that I drew from them eventually grew upon me and shaped my career and beyond. Undoubtedly art has become an inseparable part of my life and I owe this to my family.prateeksha kashi kuchipudi-Prateeksha Kashi- Prateeksha Kashi photo- Prateeksha Kashi image

Expectations or responsibilities, both just help me come out better. For me performance is like a prayer. When I perform, I thank the art for making me what I am today, I feel at peace with my soul, and I give my best. I want my organisers and more importantly, the audience, to take home something worth remembering, a true taste of art, and a lot of joy!


Dance: Magical

Kuchipudi: My identity

Passion: Gateway to infinite possibilities

Identifying passion: A much needed journey

Following Dream: Go for it!

Acting or Dancing or Teaching or Advocacy of Dance: All of it and more! To be a dancer also requires you to be a good actor, teacher, administrator, thinker, designer, PR, and the list continues!

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