Simple Aag Ond Karnataka Rajyotsava With Rakshit Shetty

Rakshit Shetty

A Kannada movie, Simple Aag Ond Love Story, SOLS for short, had for the last few months created a sensation in social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube. Wacky promos to catchy cinema- had captured the imagination of the younger generation. Perhaps no other Kannada film had got so much attention online like SOLS. Of-course, it went on to finish 100 successful days. We pinged the lead actor on FB, and when we checked our messages just after an hour, we had already received an appreciation for our work and an acceptance for the interview request from the man himself, the real “Simple Star”, Mr. Rakshit Shetty.

[Caution: You may read some of his popular catchy dialogues and we have translated it for you!]

Being A Simple Star

I don’t feel like a star. I don’t want to! I want to stay away from stardom since I have a lot of dreams to achieve. I am not here to make money. I could have easily signed movies for a lead role after SOLS, but I didn’t want to. I don’t believe in orthodox formulae, though I’ll be playing a short cameo in SOLS director Suni’s next- “Bahuparak”. Currently I am doing “Ulidavaru Kandante” (UK), which will take another 6 months. I thought this is the right time to try my hand at such movies. Yeah, I am directing!Rakshit Shetty

Swarga rappp anta passadange aitu [It felt like the Heavens showed up for split of a second!]

Actor Or Director

I think I enjoy directing more, because it involves a lot of research and pre-production. Acting is also very exciting when you have a challenging character to portray.  I got noticed for my performance in critically acclaimed “Tuglak”, though it didn’t run well in box office. I will continue as an actor after UK. I plan to direct movies once in 3 years.

Nimm aalochenge ondu U-turn kodi [Give a U-turn to your thoughts!]

Ulidavaru Kandante: As Seen By The Rest

For UK, I want to create an experience that would last for generations to come. I will be more than happy if my movie keeps running in people’s hearts.

Luckily, I have travelled widely across Karnataka. Every culture is different and every culture is beautiful. We have lost audience from the 90s and we should work towards getting them back. To achieve that, for UK, once we start promoting, I would want to travel across again, explore different cultures, collect as many things I can for research, probably shoot short documentaries and try to connect with the general public. Let’s see how it goes, as I would do this only if UK convinces me. For now, I have to work hard to achieve the quality.

Lucia- Has It Turned Tables Around For Kannada Industry?

If you see last 5-10 years, hard truth is that we are not as innovative as Malayalam or Marathi or other movie industries. Every year, they come up with at least 10 good, different and unique storylines. We want at least 10 ‘Lucia’s every year. I wish to see directors who are educated by the world cinema bringing this change. I believe, Kannada industry can raise the bar with them!

Baanali badalago bannave bhavane…[Emotions are the colors that change in the sky…]

When I Look Back

When I was a kid, I was fascinated with an actor’s life. My brother used to get VCRs and tell me those stories. Eventually I went on to do engineering and started working in IT after graduation. Only my close friends knew what I really wanted. I was clear that I wanted to get involved in theatres and movies. I didn’t know anyone in the film industry. Dots started connecting and I quit my well-paying job after 2 years. Thank God, I was able to save some money, with which I bought a camera and started renting. I was egoistic in asking money from my parents. Doing theatres, doing ‘Namm areadalondina’ and ‘Tuglak’, experiencing failures, signing SOLS… today when I look back, everything has pushed me to become what I am today!

Beligge gymmu …madhyaana kerammu…chennagide namm tymmu…[All is well! All is well!]

Failures Contributed For Your Success

Failures have molded me in many ways- both positive and negative. Tuglak was a great learning experience for me. I started listening to the audience pulse and also started believing that, I should start signing movie only if I love the script regardless of it’s budget or director or producer. With failure, you become a true judge of yourself!

Duddige Lakshmi, vidyege saraswati, aadre solige?[Lakshmi for wealth, Saraswati for education, but for failure?]

Theatres And Short Films

I come from a theater background. I was a part of Darpana and Sanchari. The things and ethics that I learnt from theatre are going to stay with me. Today, I am not doing much of theatre, but I make time to always watch a show or two. Theater runs in my blood.

Short films are something that teaches notches of film making to any filmmaker. I am into short films. Recently I have directed a 45min project called-“Confessions of Dustbin”. I plan to release it shortly. We should start short film culture in Kannada and I am doing my bit towards it. They are the best learning, all done in a very low budget. This paves way to new ideas, new thoughts, new technicians, new directors and for a new future! didn’t interview Rakshit because he is a star, we didn’t interview him because he became a sensation overnight and now enjoys a big fan following. We interviewed him because he is grounded when he is at the peak of fame, because he is humble even in these moments where everything is in his favor. KYS heartily congratulates Rakshit Shetty and wishes him success for all his future endeavours.

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