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The best teacher is one who never stops learning. When we have a teacher who we fondly call ‘the Walking Encyclopaedia’, and who gives us inputs about everything under the sun, like Wikipedia, we are undoubtedly the happiest students in the world.

Meet Srinivasa Pejathaya. He’s a faculty member at the department of Journalism at Alva’s College Moodubidire. The long list of all his ventures and what he has accomplished in life goes on and on, but like they say ‘deep rivers flow with majestic silence’- you would never know that a giant stands in front of you while you speak to Srinivas.   

Srinivasa Pejathaya has a degree in Journalism, but he is a jack of all trades, and master of all as well. There isn’t an area in Journalism that he has left untouched. He has worked in event management, public relations, creative writing, photography, cinematography, pre-production and production, news reporting, communication technology, and teaching.

Starting Out Young

Srinivasa Pejathaya

Srinivas says that he wanted to be an Ayurvedic doctor. Coming from a conventional Brahmin family, he did have a difficult time during his early days in college. But once he stepped into the field of Journalism, there was no turning back.

Documentaries, short films, social activism, public service advertisements, green initiatives, and corporate films – all of these ventures are on Srinivas’s resume, and he started them all very young. It paid off to be a ‘Gandhi’ in college, and Srinivas has gone on to do the same kind of work for a number of institutions under different designations. All of his work has contributed, in one way or the other, towards the betterment of society.

The Determined Academician

Srinivas says that of all the wonderful things he has done in the field of Journalism so far, academics remains unparalleled. There is a vast scope to grow in the field of academics, and he believes in the importance of consistent growth by learning from various sources.

He also has an agenda to for his work in this area, and that is to structure media studies in a scientific temperament. He firmly believes that media studies in India are yet to be paralleled with scientific temperament, and he has been working towards generating intelligent students who work for the community in a practical way, transcending all isms.

The Startup Expert

Since his days as a student, most of the ventures that Srinivas has been associated with are start-ups. Be it a newspaper or an institution, he has always been a part of initiating social impact.

He says that some of the best things that he has ever worked on are projects in association with the Karnataka government, which envisioned the development of one community or other.

Along with significant social impact, his jobs allowed plenty of scope for travel and experience, as a result of which we call him the walking encyclopaedia of the area. If one needs a documentary maker, a director, a technical expert, a script writer or a dictionary, we have Srinivas Pejathaya.

A Long Way To Go

Srinivasa Pejathaya

An academic all-rounder, Srinivas does not stick to his area of expertise alone, he also plays a role in developing his areas of interest in his own way. Srinivas says he has a profound interest in agriculture and aims to work towards enhancing the field. “Agriculture”, he says, “Is the source for all life. All else is secondary. It is now seen as an aspect of charity in India, it is vital that agriculture becomes a self-sustained venture.”

Srinivas says that the small segments in the country must first be catalysed towards sustainable growth, only then the country will progress faster. “We are today marketing what should have been our natural ways of life, which has to be stopped.”

A conversation with Srinivas is almost always a long one. He has so many intellectual inputs to give that it leaves people spellbound, wondering how much a person can know. But more importantly, what Srinivas offers people and students around him is a lot of motivation to fulfil their potential.

We know from his students that he is a sought-after mentor for all kinds of guidance, regardless of the area. When ambition and learning go hand in hand, we get a front row seat to the miracles an individual can produce.

Keeping aside the long list of deeds that Srinivasa Pejathaya has done, what we primarily take from him is the inspiration and the motivation to make good use of the brain that we have been given. What better role model for kids to look up to than a man who can do anything – and believes you can too.

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