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This lady, in between managing her own enterprise, being a dutiful wife, daughter, and sister, runs at night after her duties are over. For endurance running, she holds a place in the Limca Book of Record. Imagine running 1500 km, from Delhi to Mumbai! Presenting you an interview of this lady who is also a published author now, Sumedha Mahajan.{Do Read Sumedha Mahajan Biography}

Runner, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Married, Working Woman. Loving them all!

We all play many roles in life. Some roles are played because we love them and some roles are played as they are our responsibility. I’m doing the same. Each role has its own challenges and beauty. I’m living what life gave me, both good and bad. I love them all.Sumedha Mahajan- Sumedha Mahajan image- Sumedha Mahajan runner- Sumedha Mahajan author- Sumedha Mahajan photo

Asthma, Slip Disc & Lumbar Degeneration. And those 1,500 kilometres

Well, I wish I had a normal life like others. Get up without pain and live life like many. But life is not a bed of roses. I have had a choice to sulk, be sad, and pity myself. But I chose to sail through these challenges. I don’t give up and losing is not my trait.

I was born with asthma and the hospital was my second home throughout my childhood. I started running to keep myself fit and to prevent the asthma attacks, but it developed into a way of life. In April 2012, I took up the challenge of running 1,500 kilometers from Delhi to Mumbai in 30 days.

My book, “Miles to Run before I Sleep”, describes what went in those 1,500 kilometres. I had to finish that length, because I wanted to show that women are second to none.

Never lost the motivation running to 14 publishing houses

For the book “Miles to Run before I sleep”, it was not the rejection that bothered me, it was the reasons they gave. Some of the reputed publishing houses gave reasons like she is not a celebrity; people won’t read such unknown writers. Some said the book lacks masala and controversies.  Some even said writing is good but she is a risk. Many suggested I go for self-publishing, but I had faith in my writing and my agent.

Future fortresses you want to capture?

I’m currently focusing on my firm and running. I have also started working on my next book. Let’s see how they all shape up in the coming future. I have many dreams and desires; time will only tell whether they become reality or remain just a dream.

Ideas: Ideals: India

At an age when most women worry about household finances and the responsibilities of starting a family, I wanted to break the mold and follow my dreams. When the run began, it was purely a physical challenge, which I had set for myself, but as it progressed, it became a mental struggle that took me to my very limits. I had to overcome not just my physical shortcomings, but also the extreme prejudice of lookers-on, who were convinced that I would fail miserably.

I have lived in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, and now Mumbai. Yes, it is an incredible India. It has helped me have a better perspective and understand that all the demarcations we carry in the name of state, language, food habits, and religion are all in the mind. Like in every country, there are good human beings and not-so-good human beings.


Your inspiration: My parents and my husband

Delhi to Mumbai: 1500 km

To live in India: Blessing

To live in India as a woman:  A constant challenge to prove yourself

To live in India as a multifaceted woman like you:  Life throws more stones and thorns on your face than flowers and love.

Being Endurance runner: It makes me feel alive

Your favorite quote from book: My journey and struggle continues, but I’m not deterred. It only makes me more determined to work harder.

On this International Women’s Day, we at KnowYourStar are celebrating women who are always running extra-mile to make this world better. The tender mother who bleeds and stretches to make room for you, the chaste and duteous wife who sets up the dinner table after cleaning up her office desk, the grateful daughter who lets her parents relive their childhood in their old age, the ever-dependable comrade to her siblings who is always all ears to listen, and the concerned citizen who lives the change she wants to see in the world.

Happy Women’s Day!

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